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The "Czar Of The Playbook"

Emory Hunt

Emory Hunt founded Football Gameplan in 2007, billing it as the one-stop shop for the football fan. As a former college football player at a mid-major school, Hunt understood the importance of representation of ALL programs and ALL leagues, and that they should be covered equally. Hunt's passion and drive led Football Gameplan to become one of the fastest rising sites for content on the web.


With Football Gameplan, Hunt was able to become one of the first online football outlets to jump into the YouTube space and the Podcasting space before it all became both popular, and common practice. Since 2009, Football Gameplan's YouTube channel has grown organically to over 19,000 loyal subscribers and over 7.5 Million Views. 


Because of Football Gameplan's multi-platform growth and popularity, Hunt began to develop a media presence which led him to opportunities in the broadcast booth, where he is now a College Football Color Analyst, doing games on ESPN3, local and regional television network. You can also see Hunt consistently on CBS Sports HQ, and other CBS Sports properties, providing the analysis that has been a huge part of the growth of FBGP. 


In 2019, Football Gameplan became a cable TV show. "Football Gameplan on Game+ Network", is a 30-minute show airing in the #1 media market on the Game+ network


In addition to that, Hunt has authored, co-authored and published 5 football books since 2014. 


Emory Hunt is the embodiment of hard work, dedication and consistency. Every initiative he, and Football Gameplan begins, every new idea and thought, is always with the company slogan in mind: "Where Football Makes Sense".


Which is why starting the Grey-Black Game was a no-brainer! 

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