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The Football Gameplan Grey-Black Game is a postseason college football all-star event for senior draft prospects who have completed their college eligibility, and are now eligible for the NFL, CFL & XFL drafts.


Established in 2020 by Football Gameplan’s founder Emory Hunt, the Grey-Black game serves as a draft prospect showcase for players in front of professional scouts from the 3 major leagues (NFL, CFL, XFL), as well as Indoor Leagues and American football leagues playing in other countries.


What makes the Grey-Black game unique, is that it will primarily feature the top draft eligible prospects from Small Colleges. These are programs that compete in the FCS, Division II, Division III, NAIA and U-Sports (Canadian Colleges) subdivisions.  The Small College prospects will predominantly make up the Grey Team, while draft prospects from the FBS, (college football’s top subdivision) will predominantly make up the Black Team.


One of the big issues facing draft prospects that attend smaller colleges, is the lack of reps against competition from the top level of college football.


What the Grey-Black Game will accomplish, is giving these players the opportunity to compete in front of pro scouts, during week long practices against their major college counterparts, culminating in a game at the end of the week.


The cross-competition of the Grey-Black Game will be able to answer the two major questions that pro scouts have regarding small college prospects:


  • Seeing them perform live, to see how they match up athletically.

  • Seeing them compete against higher level of competition.

Coming in 2022

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